Symptoms of Weight Issues

Suffering from anorexia, bulimia or compulsive eating can be a lonely business.

There is often denial that there is a problem in the first place even though there is likely to be a change in appearance and clothes may well cease to fit.

There are likely to be feelings of isolation and unhappiness as well as low self esteem, discomfort with appearance, and detachment from the reality of how the body really appears.



Eating disorders can start from yo-yo dieting or comfort eating as a result of emotional issues that feel hard to deal with – hurt, rejection, sadness and anger.

Or, eating disorders can result from a changed situation, which challenges the immune system, such as adolescence, a BCG vaccination, marriage, divorce, stressful job, promotion etc.

The causes are usually multifactorial and multi layered.

Some weight issues are the result of bad habits or a lack of awareness concerning nutrition. In many cases though, there is an emotional component as well.

To be successful, the habit and the emotional driver need to be addressed.


The NLP Approach to resolving Eating Disorders

What I offer is support and safety as I help you discover your true purpose, support as you realise what really matters to you, support as you get a sense of what life will be like being the person you want to be.

And with this support, a high degree of safety – so that it feels OK to acknowledge any problem, learn from it and move on.

My approach is holistic, so as well as providing a safe environment and support, I help you enhance your knowledge of nutrition and challenge some of your ‘rules’ around eating which might be causing a problem.

Most people feel fulfilled when they are doing something they feel good about - something that fulfils their values. Even more so when they feel that they are able to fully use their talents and skills. Often people feel they don't have any talents.

NLP and hypnotherapy can help you generate new ideas and new ways to allow these sides of your personality to develop and we can help refocus the place that food has in your life.

This highly effective therapy also offers on-going support to integrate changes effectively.

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