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  • Smoking is a habit and an addiction.

  • A smokers’ heart beats up to 10,000 extra beats a day as it combats restricted and clogged arteries.

  • Approximately 4000 chemicals, many of them deadly are introduced into the body with each puff of smoke – causing the body to go into fight or flight response, producing adrenalin and increasing blood pressure.

  • There is considerably increased likelihood of heart and breathing problems as well as cancer.


How I help you stop

  • By identifiying, targeting and neutralising the triggers that lead you to smoke

  • By using hypnotherapy to amplify your decision to stop at a deep level and to reduce cravings

  • By removing the fear of stopping and replacing it with a powerful awareness of what it is to be a non-smoker 

A stop smoking session takes approximately one and a half hours and one session is usually enough

I am a Gold Award therapist for the National Stop Smoking Centres (NSSC)

Contact me to book your session

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