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Symptoms of Stress


A certain amount of stress is good for us – it keeps us alert and on our toes. However, continual high levels of stress can result in headaches, lack of concentration, burn-out, anxiety, eating disorders, mood swings, sweaty palms, shaking hands, high blood pressure. There may be feelings of being under attack, insomnia, lack of motivation, absence of joy, obesity, depression, and aimlessness – to name but a familiar few. And, as stress lowers our immune system and makes us more susceptible to illness, there may be other ‘unexplainable symptoms’, which have no obvious correlation with our situation.



Some of the typical causes of stress are unsatisfactory relationships or unfulfilling jobs that do not allow us to be ourselves and do not honour our values. It could be financial and social insecurity. Or life transitions - such as getting married, having children, starting a new job, or retiring. Relocation can be a cause as can an accident or an illness.


How to get rid of Stress?

Research shows that we are at our most fulfilled, confident, calmest, and healthiest when we have the below listed important life ingredients in alignment:

  • Identify your purpose. A clear sense of purpose – knowing what you are here for.

  • Know who you really are. A clear sense of identity – knowing who you are and being happy with who you are.

  • Understand and live your values. Values – those things that are important to you and which you really care about, that support your sense of who you are and what you are here for.

  • Change unsupportive beliefs to empowering ones. Supportive beliefs – your mental rulebook that tells you when things are right or wrong. Those thoughts that continuously run through your mind about whether you are deserving or capable of success, or not.

  • Discover what you are uniquely good at. Your talents. We all have them. When we use them we feel good and fulfilled. Often we don’t recognise or use them.

  • Change unwanted behaviours and habits. Your behaviour. The choices you make in life. What you do. Are you using your talents? Are you following your purpose? Are you acting in a way that supports who you really are?

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