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Performance Anxiety

The fear of public speaking is the number one phobia in the management world and in the home world too, when it comes to weddings or even small family presentations.

Sporting people such as skiers, riders, climbers, athletes of most kinds frequently get mental blocks when it comes to going down that black, jumping that fence, abseiling down that cliff face or pulling out the last stops in a tough race.

Actors are naturals when it comes to performance anxiety – the fear of forgetting lines, standing in the wrong place, in front of an expectant audience.

And then there is the relationship debilitating aspect of sexual performance anxiety.

In all cases there is some sort of negative evaluation, which chips in at the crucial moment. This could be based on past experiences of failing, or a strongly imagined sense of failing in the future – which often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

How I can help you

  • Using a combination of therapies – such as hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, I help you change how you think about past experiences, so that they no longer have an emotional impact.

  • I show you how to mentally rehearse the next and future performances in a completely different way - building in confidence, energy and enthusiasm.

People find that instead of saying to themselves something along the lines of “I’m dreading this”, “ I’m going to fail”, they can naturally think of a future occasion knowing that they are going to perform well and looking forward to it

Contact me and learn to perform with confidence

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