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What is it?

The Alpha-Stim is a microcurrent stimulator. It is about the size of an MP3 device and it is battery powered.


What conditions does it treat?

In my practice I use the Alpha-Stim to facilitate treatment of depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia.   Using an Alpha-Stim helps clients regain control and balance in their lives.  It enhances therapy sessions which specifically address individual needs.


How is it used?

Alpha-Stim can either be rented or purchased so it can be used daily at home, initially for about an hour a day.  The experience is comfortable, relaxing and safe.


Alpha-Stim helps people feel calmer, more alert and more able to cope as the body's natural positive state - the alpha state - is reinforced.  


When the brain relaxes into the alpha state:

   * we are more creative

   * healing and restoration can occur

   * our sense of well-being is enhanced


Some clients get an immediate effect while for others it evolves over time.

What research has been conducted into its effectiveness?

There are over a hundred clinical research studies on Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) in humans (and animals).  The Alpha-Stim is a CES device.  The overwhelming majority of the research is very positive; no significant side-effects have been reported.


Alpha-Stim has been approved by NHS England.

How does it work?

Our bodies contain about 75 trillion cells each with an electrical potential across the cell membrane similar to a battery.


Alpha-Stim sends micro currents through the brain at a variety of frequencies and at similar levels to those within the brain already.  


Alpha-Stim normalises the body's natural electrical activity to produce a calming effect - the Alpha state.


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