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The skin is our largest organ.

The skin has a major job to do - keeping infection out, helping us maintain the right temperature, protecting us from the environment - sun, wind, rain, pollution.

The skin and neurons are closely related in the development of our cells which is why the skin is such an accurate barometer of our emotions.

Yet amazingly most of us, most of the time, have clear healthy skins.

As the skin is also fundamental to our appearance, it can be stressful and confidence sapping when there is a problem. These emotions in turn can make the problem worse and set up a vicious cycle of troublesome skin and negative emotion.

Some well known skin problems are:


Acne results from excessive production of sebum which can block the pores and cause infection. Acne tends to appear at adolescence and usually diminishes towards the thirties.


Eczema is a complex allergic reaction leading to a very itchy weepy scaly rash. It is often associated with other allergy related diseases such as asthma and hay fever. Eczema can afflict very young children, though often becomes less of a problem as they mature.


Warts are benign tumours generally caused by infection with a common virus.


Psoriasis is the result of cells growing far more quickly than is normal resulting in red scaly skin. It affects only 3% of the population.

How I can help?

Sometimes your immune system becomes over enthusiastic and responds inappropriately. There is increasing evidence that the immune system can 'learn' to respond in different ways and hypnotherapy is a means of teaching it how to do this.

In hypnosis, there is a hypnotic phenomenon called Glove Anaesthesia whereby parts of the body can be made to become cold and numb. It is also possible in the trance state to regulate the flow of blood to these parts. In this way warts can be starved of their blood supply, or 'frozen'. Itching can be reduced or completely anaesthetised. Cell growth can be slowed.

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