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Insomnia and the importance of sleep

Many people in this busy world of ours find it difficult to sleep.  Some find they lie awake ruminating about this and that, eventually drifting off just before it is time to wake up.  Others find they can go off easily enough but wake up in the early hours and cannot go back to sleep.  For some people this is a chronic ever-present condition, whereas for others it is linked with work pressures, or excitement or something they can't put a finger on.


Whatever the reason, insomnia can be debilitating – sapping energy, lowering morale, and impacting on the body’s renewal processes too.  Reestablishing a stable sleeping pattern makes people feel more alert, alive, energetic and able to cope.

Sometimes it is as straightforward as helping people understand the environmental factors that promote good sleep.  It is important to know which foods and drinks prevent sleep and which promote sleep.  It is important to learn what not to do just before going to bed and what you can do that will help you sleep.  It is important to establish and maintain good sleep hygiene practices.  These can all be established at a deep level using hypnosis.


Sometimes it is necessary to go deeper.  Occasionally, people have apparent internal conflicts that need to be resolved, almost as though a part of them wants to sleep and another part wants to be awake.


Beginning to get a night or two of good sleep can give people hope, make them realize that they can do it, and so much more too.

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