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Grief can be crippling.  Bereavement, loss of a job, loss of a loved pet, indeed a loss of anything we are not prepared for can result in grief.

Time is a great healer and in most cases we come to terms with the sadness and move on with our lives.

Occasionally, however, the grief can seem so overwhelming that it can seriously affect the capacity to function normally.

We may find that we retain vivid memories of the final moments of the bereavement, experiencing these again and again, and at the same time distance ourselves from all the good times – even though there are likely to be far more of these good memories.

How I help.


I use NLP, EMDR and hypnotherapy, to help you move on from grief allowing you to remember the good memories and to put the more recent, bereavement related memories into perspective so that they are less vivid and more bearable.


In this way, you will be able to fully appreciate how much that person, job, or pet has contributed to your life and how they can continue to live on within you – nurturing and guiding as you move into the future.

Contact me for help to move on

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