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Boarding school, anxiety, imposter syndrome

I am seeing increasing numbers of people, often well paid, in good jobs - both men and women, who suffer from what is sometimes described as "imposter syndrome". On the outside they may seem successful, confident and in control. On the inside they may be feeling inadequate and anxious. They fear being "found out". Often they are doing excellent work and are highly thought of but frequently move to a different job in case they are "found out".

Some other 'symptoms' can be difficulty in maintaining close relationships - affairs, divorce. Sometimes they may come for help because they can only manage to function through self medication (drink and/or drugs), or they are on prescribed medication and want to come off it.

A significant proportion of these people have had to learn to 'survive' at an early age maybe through being sent to boarding school, or through family breakups and these issues often come to a head in midlife.

Fortunately there is much that can be done, in absolute confidence, to resolve this inner conflict so that people can fully accept and appreciate who they are and value themselves as others value them.

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