Beliefs are not necessarily correct – especially limiting ones

The whole point about believing something is that we think it is true. Indeed our behaviour is shaped by what we believe.

Every time we say “I think this that or other because………….”, the ‘because’ is followed by something we believe. E.g. “I need a good night’s sleep, because otherwise I can’t function.” E.g. “People don’t engage with me because they don’t like me. E.g.” I can’t go abroad because I’m frightened of flying.

Negative beliefs restrict our development and limit our behaviour.

Positive beliefs free us up and allow us to expand and grow. To do those things we didn’t think we could do.

Once this starts to happen, the whole way we experience life begins to open up and new possibilities become new realities.

An important part of any therapist’s work is to help people spot their limiting beliefs and change them.

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